Update to First Baptist Church shooting

Terry J. Sedlacek was not considered a threatening young man. He worked at his family’s restaurant. On Monday he was charged in the alleged shooting death of a Baptist minister last Sunday.

There is still no known motive for the quiet young man from Troy, Illinois to allegedly murder in cold blood Rev. Fred Winters. The 27-year-old though had marked the day in his day planner as “death day.” That leads investigators to believe that the attack was planned out in advance. When Sedlacek was captured he had enough ammunition to kill 30 people.

Newser reports:

“The only thing I can really comment on is he came armed with many rounds of ammunition and a knife, and I think we can surmise that more bloodshed may have occurred,” Mudge said.

On Tuesday Sedlacek still laid in Saint Louis University Hospital’s intensive-care unit. He was being treated for the stab wound in his neck that he inflicted upon himself. He was finally released on Thursday night to the Madison County Jail’s medical wing. He is being held without bond.

Ron Slemer of Glen Carbon, entered the plea of not guilty earlier this week on his behalf of his client, has since left the case. On Friday the public defender took over the case. Slemer had already filed motions to receive evidence of medical and mental health reports that may be in the state files.

During Friday’s court preceding Sedlacek watched on a live video feed from the jail. When asked questions the suspect nodded and clenched his fists. He was joined by a public defender and two deputies while wearing a blue robe.

BND reports:

Madison County Sheriff Robert Hertz declined to say whether Sedlacek will be under a suicide watch, but added, “We’re going to have him under pretty constant observation, at least through the weekend.”

Associate Judge James Hackett told the recovering man that he is charged with first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated battery.

There has been some media speculation that Lyme Disease could be a motivating factor in this case. That is not likely to prove a serious cause of the suspect’s problems.

Newser reports:

But Dr. Eugene Shapiro, a Lyme disease expert at Yale University, said it would be unlikely that the tick-borne illness would make someone so violent. “Lyme disease doesn’t cause people to shoot people,” Shapiro said.


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