Job Fair For Strippers In Rhode Island

If you don’t have the money for a new business wardrobe and live in Rhode Island there may be a position for you. The Foxy Lady strip club is hiring. They are throwing a job fair this Saturday at their Providence, Rhode Island club.

There are about 30 spots open for waitresses and strippers. Co-owner Tom Tsoumas is hoping that the recession will tip the turn out in his favor.

Fox Lady club manager Bob Travisono is looking for diamonds in the rough. He’s been taking a lot of phone calls that indicate that there will be a nice assortment of ladies to choice from on Saturday.

CNN reports:

“So many people in Rhode Island have been hit hard by the economy that we wanted to do our part,” he said, adding that he couldn’t think of a better place than the Foxy Lady to find that ideal job.

Rhode Island has been hard hit by the recession. The state is experiencing an unemployment rate of 10.3 percent as of January.

If you are planning on coming to the job fair bring your resume and be ready to answer a short questionnaire. New 24 quotes co-owner Tsoumas:

“I need more managers, I need more competent staff, and I need more attractive waitresses to go along with the ones I have right now,” said co-owner Tom Tsoumas.


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