Toronto Street Art Means Spring Is Back

Walking down the streets in Toronto can be an adventure in art. A person doesn’t have to shell out any money to be serenaded or see a new painting.

Art takes place on the streets of Toronto everyday but once Spring is in the air it really takes off. Listening to guitarists or fiddlers or the sounds of Scottish bagpipes can be had just by taking a walk on any downtown street.

KJ Mullins

Chalk artists are everywhere. One of those artists, Chalkmaster Dave Johnston was outside the Eaton Centre on Wednesday bringing his talents to life. He’s been working the cement since 1991. Now he’s a master and that skill has taken him to corporate gigs, special events, festivals worldwide and private commissions.

KJ Mullins
Chalkmaster posing with his work
Visit Toronto’s streets with a camera. You never know when you’ll have the chance to have a piece of art to capture. With Spring back though chances are very high the street is filled with it.

Shane Mullins

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