Canadian Stops School Arson In The UK

Concordia music student JP Neufeld may have saved the lives of 950 students in Norfolk, England after reporting a student’s threat in a chatroom.
JP Newfeld was browsing Tuesday morning when he came across this piece:

“Today, at 11:30 GMT I will attack my school with arson and other forms of violence. Those bastards will pay”

Mr. Newfeld knew that someone needed to warn the school and notified the Norfolk Constabulary. He then engaged the boy into a chat giving the police enough time to get to the school.

The boy was tired of being bullied. After chatting with the Montreal resident he went to school ready to torch the building. Police found fuel, matches and a knife on the teen when they stopped him on his way into the school.

The Age reports:

“The constabulary was alerted by a member of the public after a message was posted on a website inferring the criminal damage of Attleborough High School,” said Superintendent Katie Elliott.

“When the individual attended the school the youth’s bag was confiscated. Inside a knife, matches and a canister of what is believed to be a flammable liquid was discovered.

“The youth was arrested for threats to commit criminal damage and possession of an offensive weapon.”

The boy has been detained under the Mental Health Act.


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