10 Dead From Toxic Gas At Mexican Sewage Pump Station

Ten people have died in central Mexico from toxic fumes at a sewage pump station. It is not known why the victims entered the station to the clean. Going into a pump station is very dangerous.

Atotonilco de Tula town president Julio Cesar Angeles said that a group of volunteers had entered the station on Saturday to clean.

The fumes were stronger than normal according to survivor Rafael Ramirez but the group didn’t know that they were in danger.

Eight of the people were dead at the scene. Two died at a Pachuca hospital. There is still a person missing at the station.

Pump stations can have poisonous gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide build up in the wet walls. If a person enters the area without the proper equipment they can be overcome very quickly. Because of this danger facilities are normally designed for outside removal of pumps and other equipment.

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