17 dead in Butte, Montana plane crash

Emergency crews were called at 3 p.m. to a Butte, Montana airport as a plane missed the runaway and burst into flames. CNN is reporting that there were 7 fatalities.
The turboprop plane left Orville, California at 11 A.M. and had a flight plan for a final destination of Bozeman, Montana. There are additional reports that 17 have died as a result of the crash. The FAA has confirmed that there are no survivors.

The crash took place in Butte’s Holy Cross Cemetery.

The pilot changed his plan at some point heading to Butte. The plane crashed just 500 feet short of the airport as it attempted to land at Burt Moony Airport. At the time of the crash weather conditions were not that bad even though a storm front was coming through. At the time it is now being said that weather conditions were clear.

There are reports that many of the victims were young children. They were on a ski vacation.

The Pilatus PC-12 plane was registered to Eagle Cap Leasing Inc. in Enterprise, Oregon. It was manufactured in 2000. The plane is designed to carry a total of 17 people.

This is a developing story. More news will be added as it becomes available.

An eye witness said that the plane made a nose dive into the ground. Other witnesses thought that the plane was a stunt plane because of the motions.

Martha Guidoni, an eye witness at the scene said that it was impossible to help any of the victims. She was a quarter mile away from the cemetery when the crash happened. Her husband said that there was nothing left from the crash scene.

Steve Guidoni said that the crash was in the cemetery. He said that everything was on fire and a pit had formed from the plane. He was told by the police to leave the scene because it is now considered a crime scene.

Former NTSB Vice President Bob Francis said that as far as he is aware there has never been this type of crash with the Pilatus PC-12.


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