Daily Mail and General Trust Cutting 1,000 Jobs

The Daily Mail and General Trust is the latest media company printing out pink slips. There are plans to cut the Northcliffe Media regional staff by 1,000.

Northcliffe publishes 113 English papers with a circulation of more than four million readers.

The latest announcement doubles the cuts from November when the group first stated that job cuts were coming. In November it was estimated that the staff would be reduced by 24 percent. Today’s announcement now estimates staff reduction at 37 percent.

DMGT will be down to a staff of 3,500 by year’s end. In the last five months revenue has taken a huge hit, falling by 12 percent.

Newspapers are being hard hit by the recession in the UK as well as North America.

Norfork Archant, owner of the Eastern Daily Press and Evening News is set to slash 34 jobs. Scotland’s The Daily Record and Sunday Mai have merged with plans to cut 70 jobs. Newsquest is asking their staff to take unpaid leaves of absence in order not to have to cut jobs. Forty journalists have been sacked at the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo as the publication reduces editions.

BBC reports that the government is even concerned with the hard times media news is dealing with.

Culture minister Barbara Follett said the government would “work tirelessly to secure news for local communities”


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