Feeling the recession-nannies tackle toilets

Nannies tend to children, housekeepers clean the house. That was then. Welcome to multitasking nanny 101 as the recession shrinks down household staffs of the rich and famous.
Household staffers are feeling the pink slips season along with the rest of us. The rich and famous are having to tighten their belts and downsize. What was once a job for 2 or 3 is now being covered by one or two, without a raise in pay often.

At one time it would be unheard of asking the nanny to clean up the kitchen. Today the nanny is often also the housekeeper and at times covering the role of personal assistant. When it comes to job security a nanny will indeed scrub the toilet.

The ones that may feel the brunt of the multi-tasking nanny is the children. When housekeepers are asked to look after the tykes they may not have the training. If the nanny is asked to clean up she may not be the best at the job.

Then there is the question of what happens when the recession ends. Will those who have had to break their backs to keep their jobs be rewarded? If you let go of one of your staff to cut costs will you hire them back when cost isn’t a factor? Will you give the multi-tasker enough of a raise to make up for the extra duties?

If you don’t give that raise you will have a staff person just a little miffed at you and looking for work elsewhere.


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