Lady Liberty’s Crown May Reopen By July 4th

On 9/11 the crown of the Statue of Liberty was sealed away from the public. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced Tuesday that Lady Liberty may be welcoming visitors back to her crown by July 4th.
The statue was closed after the 9/11 attacks in New York because of safety concerns. In 2004 the base of the Statue of Liberty was reopened along with the museum gallery and observation deck on the base. That was as far as the public was allowed to venture.

Reuters reports:

“We will endeavor to do everything we can,” Salazar told Reuters in an interview of the likelihood of reopening the crown at the top by July 4. “We may have it opened up to a smaller group of people.”

Since the attacks in New York visits to the Statue of Liberty have fallen off. Now years later the numbers are beginning to climb along. In 2000 3.6 million people ventured the ferry to the island to get up close and personal with Lady Liberty. In 2006 only 2.5 million people crossed the waterway but by 2007 3.2 million people went to Liberty Island in New York Harbor to tour the statue.

Lady Liberty was given to the United States in 1886 by the French. The Lady’s formal name is Liberty Enlightening the World sculpted by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi.

Salazar has to wait until an April 15 security assessment before final plans will be announced. One of the safety concerns has been that if an emergency were to happen there is no quick means of escape.

TVNZ quotes Salazar:

“If you put several hundred people in there and there is some kind of event, lots of people could be killed very quickly,” Salazar said.

To visit the Statue of Liberty there is no fee. However to get to Lady Liberty you must take a ferry to either Liberty Island or Ellis Island.

The fees for the Ellis Island Ferry system are:

$12.00 – Ages 13+ – Day
$10.00- Seniors 62 and over – Day
$5.00- Children 4-12. – Day

The statue is part of the National Parks. Both Liberty and Ellis Island are open very day except for Christmas. The current hours are from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The first ferry leaves for the islands at 8:30 AM. It is suggested that if you want to tour both islands to leave the mainland by 1PM.


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