Rising From The Ashes, Owen Thor Walker

Last year Owen Thor Walker was arrested after being investigated by authorities in the United States, Europe and New Zealand for his hacking skills. He was a mere sixteen when he wrote the software that stole millions.
A year later Walker has been hired by TelstraClear to advise corporate customers on Internet crime. His new job will see the young man presenting seminars and adverstising for Telstra’s New Zealand based TelstraClear as well as addressing security issues that may come up with company management.

As a hacker Walker was known by the screen name ‘Akill.’ His program enabled the cyber-gang to use their botnets to steal from private bank accounts. Investigators have said that his was the most advanced software code they had ever encountered.

After pleading guilty to six cyber crimes Walker admitted to stealing at least $20.4 million from private bank accounts. He didn’t take the money himself rather he crafted the software that gave a cyber-ring the ability to access usernames, passwords and credit card details.

Walker had to pay $10,000 in damages. He was discharged from conviction because he has a form of autism, Asperger’s Syndrome. Somehow Walker left all of the legal troubles without a record.

He has been hailed as a genius. Now Walker is nineteen and posed to take TelstraClear by storm.

Stuff.co reports:

“We found him pleasant to deal with and he genuinely wanted to help New Zealand businesses by sharing experiences,” said TelstraClear spokesman Chris Mirams

Mr. Walker will not have access to the computers in the TelstraClear network.

Walker has said that he wants to be as big as Bill Gates when he grows up.


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