Dinner At the Oakland Testicle Festival Is A Real Ball

It’s time once again for the Oakland, California annual Testicle Festival. On Monday those in town can belly up to 400 pounds of bull balls as the Rotary Club dishes out a $50 sit down meal for charity.
The proceeds for the “mountain oysters” will help out the Oakland Cowboy Museum. Last year the dinner raised $28,000.

Young male bovines are routinely castrated into steers on cattle ranches. It makes the animals more docile and thus much easier to handle than bull headed males.

The event is in it’s 28th year of gonad glory.

The Modesto Bee reports that the family jewels are a tasty treat.

Christie Camarillo, executive director of the Oakdale Cowboy Museum, swears they’re delicious.

“They kind of taste like chicken. I say it’s between fried calamari and chicken liver,” she said. “I’ve had them fixed all different ways, but you can’t beat how the Rotarians do it.”


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