Stepping Off The Fear Factor Train And Jumping On The Adventure Tram

I have to tell you something profound Gentle Readers, you are going to die. It’s just the way it is. How you go about it though is a different story.

We all enter into this life with one ultimate goal; death. It’s the one known factor of birth. It doesn’t matter if you eat a tree of bran you’re going to die.

In this world of unknowing it seems that the one known is the thing that people fear the most and make the most internal deals about. The “I swear I will never ever do that again if I just survive this one” and the “No! I will die!” thoughts are streaming in around the world.

There is a choice though. Instead of allowing fear to rule humans can hop onto the Adventure Tram.

What’s that you ask? An Adventure Tram? Is there a Web address for how to get there?

The answer is no my friends. There is no bus depot or spot along the pathway of life to jump on. It’s a personal choice that comes with risks. To jump on you have to be willing to laugh at the face of death, the terrors of fear and the pain of time. It’s not always an easy ride.

Humans are designed to fear. We fear a lot. Mostly it’s the unknowns that crank up our nightmares. If it’s not visable then we can’t research it to death and know the outcome.

Life is like that. If you choice to live this gift of life as an adventure you’re having to put aside the fear that is a root of the soul.

Fear at times is good for us. Fear of our parents keeps kids from doing things that would kill Superman. Fear of being in pain keeps us out of the back alleys when we hear a fight going on.

Fear also stops us from helping others out. We may not be able to survive that fight, pay a bill or face our friends if we think about rushing in to play the hero.

Fear stops us from experiencing new adventures because they are unknown. The fear of falling flat on our face, failing or disappointing someone keeps us glued to our seats too many times.

But what we fear the most is something we have no control over in reality. That is death. We fear it so much at times we stop living in order to avoid it. That, my friends is a crime.

It may make me viewed as a nut but I refuse to be a part of the Fear Factor. I love this gift of life way to much to sit back and not savor it.

Book me a pass for the Adventure Tram. Hope you decide to come along with me.


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