Monster of Colombia, Arcebio Alvarez

Arcebio Alvarez has been accused of fathering 8 children with his daughter in Colombia. It’s being said that the relationship with the woman now in her thirties begin when she was a mere ten years old.
On Saturday Arcebio Alvarez, 58, was taken from his home in handcuffs. The Colombian man admits having a relationship with the 35-year-old woman who is the mother of his children but denies that she is his biological daughter. He has been charged with charges of violent carnal knowledge, abusive sex acts, and incest committed against his 35-year-old daughter.

The woman and her children are in state protective custody. She went to the authorities after an evangelical Christian pastor convinced her to come forward. Alba Nidia has said that her mother died when she was five-years-old. Her father began to abuse her five years later.

The BBC quotes the woman about the relationship.

“I always respected him as my father and he is my father,” she said.

“He never spoke about [incest], about why we were doing it. Sometimes I would ask him and he would say it was God’s will.”

Alba Nidia has been eleven children altogether with Alvarez but three of the children died. Her eight surviving children are ages one to nineteen. The family is from the town of Mariquita.

Alvarez told the judge that he and Alba Nidia Alvarez agreed to have a relationship.

Sky News reports:

“I adopted her. We agreed to have a romantic relationship because we really loved each other. But she was not my own child.”

Alvarez is now in jail under military guard. He is having to be protected around the clock from angry crowds.

Child welfare advocates are calling for a life sentence if Alvarez is convicted of the alleged crimes. The case is prompting a movement to change the current Colombian law to ensure those who are found guilty of raping children are sentenced to life imprisonment.


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