Stem Cells May Increase Boob Size

The future of beauty may be coming from Britain by way of Japan. Researchers have found a way to increase a lady’s breast while at the same time decreasing her waistline.
Researchers in the United Kingdom may have come up with a winning formula using stem cells to increase breast size. Already in trial use for breast cancer patients the process may soon be available for the mainstream.

The new treatment takes stem cells from spare fat on the stomach or thigh and then growing them in the woman’s breast. Surgeons who have used the method report a more natural look than synthetic implants.

The stem cells, once removed by spare fat on the woman’s body are isolated using equipment owned by GE Healthcare. The concentrated stem cells are then mixed with another batch of fat and then injected into the breast.

The process doesn’t make for an overnight change as it takes several months to achieve the desired shape and size.

There is a problem. The new process will only increase the breast up one cup size. Don’t worry ladies, researchers are burning the midnight oil in order to give you a natural HH cup in the future.

About a dozen British women have underwent the process after having cancerous cells removed. In May ten ladies will be going through the process who do not have breast cancer.

It is thought that by the end of the year the process will be ready for private patients. The estimated cost is around £6,500 says Professor Kefah Mokbel, a consultant breast surgeon at the London Breast Institute at the Princess Grace hospital.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘This is a very exciting advance in breast surgery,’ Mokbel said. ‘Breasts treated with stem cells feel more natural because this tissue has the same softness as the rest of the breast..

‘Implants are a foreign body. They are associated with long-term complications and require replacement. They can also leak and cause scarring.’

‘We are optimistic we can easily achieve an increase of one cup size,’ he said. ‘We cannot say yet if we can achieve more. That may depend on the stem cells we can harvest.’

Japanese surgeons have been performing the technique for the past six years.

Using stem cells in healthy women is not without controversy. Some experts are saying that the procedure should stay with breast cancer patients for the time being. Medical bodies have warned that there simply isn’t enough research to deem the technology is safe and effective.

Eva Weiler-Mithoff, a consultant plastic surgeon at Canniesburn hospital in Glasgow, points out that breast cancer patients have regular follow-up appointments that women who just have cosmetic surgery do not. Because of this any complications may be missed in non-cancer patients.


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