6 Dead In Santa Clara Shooting

Police are in the process of investigating a shooting that has left six dead in Santa Clara, California. The shooting took place Sunday night in the Rivermark Townhome development. It is believed that the shooter took his own life after killing a family.
News reports have come in that four children and two adults are dead after a shooting in Santa Clara, California.

It is believed that the shooter is among the victims. The police responded to a injured person report at about 8:30 PM Sunday night. When they entered the residence they were confronted with five people dead from multiple gun wounds. Three of the dead at the scene have been said to be children.

Two more victims were transported to hospital in critical condition. Since that time, an infant girl has passed away from her injuries.

On Monday morning Lt. Phil Cooke of the Santa Clara Police Department said that the crime is being considered a “family on family” murder scene. There are indications that all of the victims, including the shooter are members of the same family.

Mercury News reports:

“It just simply never happens here. I mean never,” said Jane Thornton, a neighborhood resident who came up on a scene Sunday night as she was walking her dog. “We are in hard times here.”

It’s now being said that neighbors called in the report to the police when they sensed something was wrong at the townhouse.

The San Francisco Gate reports:

“Certainly it is a grievous tragedy, and the city’s thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims,” Santa Clara Mayor Patricia Mahan said today. “Words just can’t describe the enormity of the tragedy.”

She added, “When things get tough in life, in the world, it seems that these kinds of incidents erupt, and I would just urge all of our community to pay attention to your neighbors. So often the greatest regret is the feeling that this could have been prevented if somebody had seen something or someone could have intervened in some way.”

This crime scene is the city’s deadliest shooting.


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