As The River Starts To Level Off A Look At Fargo

Today the people of Fargo, South Dakota gathered at a hotel to pray after their own church has been closed due to the threat of flooding.

The latest news out is good, the river levels have started to drop.

Did Mother Nature send a special spring freeze in the nick of time for the residents of Fargo, North Dakota?

The Weather Service said that even though the Red River is falling in Fargo, it remains extremely high.

“We advise people not to let their guard down, but just to be cautious,” he said. “There’s quite a way to go yet, and just keep an eye on it.”

Unmanned airplanes generally used to patrol the U.S. border are being used to help fight the flood. The high tech radar and video technology allows the drone to capture changes in flood waters and detect structural damage faster than the human eye.

This is the first time the plane has been used to survey flood conditions.

The danger still remains and will until the river has receded to normal levels.

One casualty to the flood is the Oak Grove Lutheran School when a dike broke glooding the 5-acre campus.

Star Tribune reports:

“The campus is basically devastated,” said Mayor Dennis Walaker. “They fought the good fight. They lost and there’s nothing wrong with that. Those things will continue to happen. I guarantee it.” The breach is a “wakeup call” that shows the threats the city will face for the next week, the mayor said.

“They made a gallant effort,” Principal Morgan Forness told KFGO radio. “They gave it everything they had, and just couldn’t contain it. It came to the center of the campus, and now, it’s inundating all of the buildings.”

It has been estimated that the flood clean up will take two months. Five homes have been lost in the Fargo city limits.

Now it’s time for reality to set in after a surreal week of battling the Red River and the force of nature. Many of those that were in danger of losing their homes to the flood would have had to rebuild without the help of insurance. Less than 800 homeowners in the flood warning areas of North Dakota and Minnesota have insurance protecting them from flood damage.

In Fargo itself only 586 homeowners are covered for flood insurance. With the state of the economy federal help may not have been there to help the residents with the massive costs that a flood can bring.


“Memories are short, and people don’t remember the 1997 flood,” said Butch Kinerney, spokesman for the National Flood Insurance Program, managed by FEMA. “You see it time and time again: People forget the past.”


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