New Drug Shows Promise In Treatment of Heart Failure

Corthera Inc. announced on Sunday that results from a detailed study on the new drug Relaxin shows promising efficacy in the treatment of acute heart failure.
The research focused on 234 patients in eight countries. The data showed that when Relaxin was administered with standard-of-care therapy for acute heart failure (AHF) gave quick, substantial and sustained relief from breathlessness. The drug also demonstrated consistent trends in shortening the time spent in the hospital and improved long term outcomes for patients with heart failure.

The findings were presented on March 29, 2009 at the merican College of Cardiology’s (ACC) 58th Annual Scientific Session in Orlando, Florida by John R. Teerlink, M.D., professor of medicine, University of California San Francisco, Director of Heart Failure, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Francisco and co-principal investigator of the study.

PRN Newswire reports:

“The results of the study clearly indicated favorable treatment effects on symptoms, signs and outcomes in patients hospitalized with AHF,” said Teerlink. “The use of relaxin led to considerable improvement in dyspnea when compared to placebo and lasted up to 14 days, longer than any therapy studied. In this study, relaxin administration was safe and well tolerated. These results provide a clear direction for the Phase III study.”

Corthera Inc.
describes Relaxin as:

Relaxin is a naturally occurring peptide hormone that acts as a systemic and renal vasodilator through multiple vascular control pathways. Elevated levels of relaxin modulate increases in renal and cardiac function that meet the increased hemodynamic demands of pregnancy. Consistent with this natural role of the hormone, pharmaceutically manufactured relaxin has been shown to have these effects in multiple human studies of men and non-pregnant women. Data from the Pre-RELAX-AHF study, as well as a pilot study in patients with heart failure, support the expectation that these effects may be beneficial in relieving the signs and symptoms of heart failure.

The drug could prove to be beneficial for the estimated 5.3 million Americans that have heart failure. The condition is often deadly and costs nearly $34.8 billion a year for direct and indirect medical treatments.


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