Toronto Weatherman Dave Devall Will Turn in His Umbrella

On Groundhog Day this year Dave Devall shocked viewers of CTV Toronto with the news that he would be leaving the airwaves on April 3. Devall has been forecasting in Toronto for the past 48 years.
CTV Toronto’s press release of the announcement quotes the legendary DeVall:

“I’ve always said that I’ll retire when I get it right and I think that I’ve finally done it!” said Devall of his pending retirement. “I am very excited to start this new chapter and I’m certain that Tom will do a great job. I hope that he gets a very warm reception from Torontonians.”

DeVall is from Toronto. An alumni of Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts program, he divided his studies with serving the nation in the Royal Canadian Air Force. The RCAF is where he began his training in meteorology. In 1961 DeVall auditioned with over 2,000 other hopeful people to become part of CTV Toronto. He was one of just six broadcasters hired for the job. Before becoming a broadcaster DeVall’s voice could be heard by Canadians as Jim Perry’s announcer on many of his game shows, including Definition, Headline Hunters and Eye Bet, as well as in Ford television commercials on the popular Hockey Night in Canada program.

He hasn’t stopped learning. By attending weather conferences throughout North America DeVall has stayed on top of the changes in weather science.

One of the skills that has made DeVall famous is writing backwards with both hands. He has used that skill to draw pictures of what to expect from any given day’s weather. He learned how to do this while in the RCAF.

When DeVall was a child he wanted to be a pilot. He took that love and earned his wings. Viewers of CTV Toronto have had the opportunity to watch his videos of weather phenomena and conditions that he shot himself while flying his own Cessna.

On a personal note DeVall was honoured in February 2007 as he became an honorary colonel of the Canadian Forces Squadron 436 at CFB Trenton.

Last week DeVall was also honoured when a street in the town of Scarborough was voted to be renamed Dave DeVall Way. The former Channel Nine Court leads cars down to the CTV studio.

Toronto reports:

I’ve had so many cards, letters, e-mails, you know tributes, and this is going to be another one of those important tributes to me.” Devall said. “I had no idea that what I did on a day-to-day basis as a job, would have so much impact on peoples’ lives.


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