In China Capital Punishment Comes In A Van

Last year 1,715 people were put to death by execution in China last year. This year estimates put the death count at nearly 10,000. What happens after a person is killed could be considered criminal. Organs are harvested and sold to the highest bidder.
When Jiang Yong, a corrupt city planner is put to death this year it will not be behind bars. He can expect to die in a white van while lethal drugs course through his veins. It is possible to be sentenced to death for anyone of 68 crimes in China.

Jiang Yong is one of those who will soon have organs used by others if he doesn’t win an appeal.

See Yong, a large man with glasses, had a mistress who he enjoyed showering with gifts. Madame Tang must have been given quite a few nice baubles since Yong took more than £1 million in brides from shady entrepreneurs who wanted protected land to build on.

Yong got caught with his hand in the cookie jar by the Chinese authorities last year. He confessed his crimes and was given a death sentence. He was one of the many that face the same fate.

It’s not hard to be sentenced to death in China. Crimes ranging from fraud to tax evasion can be enough to put a needle in a person’s arm.

Jinguan Auto, a Chinese automaker, produced the white vans that on the outside look like standard police vans. The vans cost £60,000. The insides of the vans though differ vastly from the other law enforcement vehicles. They are speed from one site to another at 80 mph. The vans save money for the government. No building is needed to carry out the organ harvests. The van is able to whip on over to local jails to execute locally in the very community that criminals broke the laws.

All of the deaths are videotaped so that they comply to the strict rules that the government has laid out.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘We have not sold our execution cars to foreign countries yet,’ beamed a proud spokesman. But if they need one, they could contact our company directly.’

When it is time for a prisoner to walk the long green mile they are placed on a automated stretcher and moves into the inside of the van already set up as a sterile operating chamber. Inside the doctors administer drugs that will quickly kill their ‘patient’ and then harvest the prisoner’s eyes, kidney, liver, pancreas and lungs. The heart though can not be used as it has been damaged by the drugs that killed the prisoners.

The vans are being compared to the gas wagons that Nazis used to kill millions.

The program started three years ago and then quieted down last summer as not to offend the human rights groups during the Olympic Games held in Beijing.

The games are over and the vans are back in business.

All of the deaths are videotaped so that they comply to the strict rules that the government has laid out.

Chinese hospitals perform up to 20,000 organ transplants a year. A typical kidney transplant costs £5,000 but that price can rapidly increase if the patient has the money to request an organ quickly.

China used to kill their prisoners by firing squad and then dig out the lethal bullet to charge the family with. It seems that day when family members were asked to pay for the bullet that killed their loved one is gone in China. The organ train is a high payer and those who are in the wrong get to fund the money wagon.


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