Canadian women facing four year for smoking joint in Indonesia

Two Canadian women who smoked a marijuana joint while on holiday in Indonesia are facing a four year prison term. In Indonesia marijuana and heroin are in the same drug class.
The two, Kathleen Ann Elisabeth, 31, and Christa Mary, 30, were arrested in February on the island of Lombok. They remain in police custody.

AFP reports:

“The two women were arrested in February while they were smoking cannabis,” Central Lombok police chief Suryanto told AFP.

The two kindergarten teachers went to Indonesia on their winter break. They were found to be in possession of 3.6 grams of cannabis when they were arrested at the hotel they were staying at.

The Jakarta Post reports:

“It’s an order from the top, as long as the case is being processed, the two Canadians remain in custody. Since their case is being handled by the Lombok police station, that’s where they are being held,” West Nusa Tenggara regional police spokesman Tribudi Pangestuti said.

The police had reportedly followed the pair for days before the arrest. In Indonesia marijuana is classified the same as heroin.

The Canadian embassy cannot arrange for release from prison when Canadians are arrested aboard nor can the embassy post bail, pay for lawyers or pay your fines. They are not allowed to seek preferential treatment for you nor have Canadians exempted from the due process of local laws.

What the embassy can do is conduct prison visits and ensure treatment consistent with what would be expected by the host country’s own citizens and contact your next of kin about the situation you are in. They can give you a list of English speaking lawyers and direct you to information about local laws.

Canadian citizens arrested aboard should inform the arresting authorities that you wish to have the nearest Canadian government office abroad notified immediately of your arrest.

Always remember when traveling aboard that you have to obey the laws of the land. If you break the law in another country, you are subject to that country’s judicial system.


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