Lemon Soda Used By Priest For Baptism

It may seem like an April Fool’s joke but a priest really baptized a baby with lemon soda in Norway when the church’s taps froze.
Norwegian priest Paal Dale had to do some fast thinking when there was no holy water on tap in Stord, Norway. Using some lemon soda that had gone flat the holy man daubed a newborn’s head in order to perform the religious ceremony.

Dale only felt the need to tell the parents after the lemony smell lingered.

The Mirror reports:

“They didn’t say much but I assumed they smelled the aroma as well,” Father Paal said.

Baptism is not only a symbolic ceremony in many Christian religions but a means into heaven. That is the reasoning behind infant baptism for Catholic, Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodoxy.

In some religions not using water would render the baptism illicit. There is no word if this is a concern with lemon soda.


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