Mother Accused of Drugging Daughter to Impregnate Her

A western Pennsylvania mother is accused of drugging her 13-year-old daughter so that her boyfriend could get her pregnant without the child’s knowledge.
It is being reported that the mother was no longer able to have children yet wanted to have another child with her current boyfriend, Duane Calloway. She hatched onto a plan to allow the man have sex with her child in order to achieve that goal.

The mother, Shana Brown, 32, turned herself in on Thursday after being charged with endangering the welfare of a child. The boyfriend was arrested on Wednesday. He is facing several counts of attempted rape.

The child told the police about the plot to impregnate her. Her mother had approached her about the idea of the child carrying the man’s baby in December. The teen refused. At that point the boyfriend attempted to rape the child three separate times.

The police found an empty rum bottle, Tylenol PM and a pill crusher at the residence.


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