The Recession Is Even Hitting Fall Television Programming

The television world is about to get less glitzy as the networks tighten their belts. From big name stars to set location Hollywood is having to keep on a tighter budget in order to entertain the masses.
One very visible change that the public will see this fall is the lack of big name stars. The heavy hitters will not be on tap as often because of the salaries that they demand. Case in point, the new show Big D was set to star Candice Bergen but when push came to shove her need for a huge salary gave a break for Deanna Dunagan. The Broadway actress doesn’t have the same asking price as the Murphy Brownstar.

To start on the small screen stars are having to see their paychecks reduced by 10% to 50%. Those who decide it’s not worth it can easily be replaced by newcomers who don’t mind a smaller paycheck at all.

Canada will be winning with the television networks battle with the buck. Filming in the Great White North can save networks as much as $500,000 an episode.

In the states local sites like Atlanta and Boston will be seeing more film sets as well. Gone are the days of splashy sets. Realism is now getting to be actually real.

Producers may be seeing a pink slip in their future as Hollywood tones down to a mean, lean only pay the working machine. The mega layers of producers who do little more than smile pretty are getting kicked to the curb.

Film quality may be going down to save on costs too.

So there you have it kiddies, even Hollywood has to deal with the real world in times of recession. But don’t worry as soon as the money train is back in gear the wallets will come out again.


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