Morgan Tsvangirai’s grandson drowned this weekend

Zimbabwean prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, is dealing with another family tragedy in just weeks. Wife Susan was killed on March 6 from injuries in a car accident. This weekend his grandson, 3, died in a swimming pool accident.
Sean was found drowned in the family’s pool at Tsvangirai’s house in Strathaven. The Canadian toddler’s family was in Zimbabwe for the funeral of Garikai Tsvangirai’s mother.

Garikai Tsvangirai and his wife had been due to return to Canada on Sunday. They will now stay until the burial of their child who is being laid to rest beside his grandmother in her home village of Buhera.

There are concerns that Tsvangirai is not prepared to push reforms through the government in Zimbabwe as he deals with his grief. Tsvangirai will be expected to be a key player in the writing of a new constitution,implementing a land audit, attempting to stop land invasions and organising fresh elections within the next 18 months.

The Prime Minister returned to his home quickly from a World Bank-sponsored retreat for the Zimbawean Cabinet in Victoria Falls to be with his family.

Tsvangirai had just returned to work last Thursday after mourning his wife’s death. He shares power with President Robert Mugabe.

Times Online reports:

A senior aide said: “It was amazing. When he came back, Morgan was really on top of things, probably more than I have seen him before. He was strong, energetic, decisive. He didn’t need a gradual re-entry.”


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