Stolen Canadian Cessna Lands In Missouri

A Cessna stolen from a flight school in Canada has landed in Missouri after being trailed by two jet fighters from Wisconsin. Reports say that the pilot was a naturalized Canadian. His home country has not been released.
The Cessna was taken from Confederation College Flight School at Thunder Bay International Thunder Bay, Ontario at about 2:30 p.m. Monday. The pilot is thought to have been a student. When the plane was intercepted at the Michigan-Wisconsin border the pilot was behaving erratically and did not communicate to the fighter pilots.

The pilot is a naturalized Canadian. He had only clocked a few hours of flight time.

CNN reports:

Canadian officials have received some information that the pilot is “not a happy individual,” the official said.

The Wisconsin Air National Guard sent the F-16 jets to track the event listed as a “fight safety issue.” There was not a fear of a terrorist threat.

As a precaution the state Capitol building in Madison was evacuated shortly after 5 p.m. Monday evening. Governor Jim Doyle was in Chicago at the time. An hour later people were allowed to return to the building.

The Cessna landed on a dirt road in Ellsinore, population 360, late Monday. The pilot fled the area on foot.

CNN reports:

“We don’t want to suppose the motive of the individual,” NORAD spokesman, Mike Kucharek told CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” after the landing. “But it certainly made a day for the professional pilots that were flying these missions and a very serious situation from a NORAD perspective.”

Authorities know the identity of the pilot. Laura Brown, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration, refused to release the man’s age or name.

Local law enforcement officials are responding to the incident.

update-Monday night that authorities took 31-year-old Adam Dylan Leon into custody near Ellsinore in the southeastern part of the state.


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