Courtroom Shooting Leaves 2 Dead In Germany

A man opened fire in a German courtroom killing his sister-in-law and wounding two others before killing himself. There was not a single police gun fired in the incident witnesses say came out of the blue.
The drama took place in Landshut which is about 47 miles north-east of Munich.

The dispute happened outside of the courtroom. Reports say that a 60-year-old man drew a revolver shooting the woman in the head. He also shot another woman and a man. They have serious but not life-threatening injuries.

The man went to another room killing himself before emergency workers could get to the scene.

The relatives were in court dealing with an inheritance dispute. The dispute between seven siblings has been a long-running one.

The wounded were another sister-in-law and one of the lawyers that is involved with the case.

A suicide note was given to the police from one of the brothers of the shooter, identified only as Franz N.

Times Online reports:

he apparently wrote of punishing his family for ‘terrorising’ him over many years. “I will pay the highest price for it – with my life,” the note read.

There are no weapon searches in Germany for civil cases.

The justice ministry has said that they will be reviewing their security arrangements in the wake of the shootings. There could be recommendations for the installation of x-ray machines to prevent such actions from occurring again.

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