Opinion: Did Mother Nature Forget It’s Spring in Ontario?

Southern Ontario residents woke this morning to a coating of wintry white on their lawns. Didn’t anyone page Mother Nature that it was time for flowers?

Toronto has a dusting of white this morning covering lawns that had trees beginning to bud. It’s spring in the city but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. Up to five centimetres of snow has fallen around the Greater Toronto Area since Monday. That is giving the city a springtime slippery nightmare on the roads.

From Barrie to Orillia to Toronto the white stuff has come back to haunt those living in southern Ontario. By late Monday night some spots were being warned that 20 centimetres of snow would be settling on the lawns.

In Toronto it’s expected that one last hurrah for Mother Nature will come in April. She’s like that, you start to believe that the spring is completely here and then she dumps a few centimetres of her white stuff down on you.

Dave Phillips, Environment Canada’s senior climatologist, said there have only been two Aprils in the past 30 years that didn’t have any snow.

“Getting snow in April is a sure thing,” he said.

Rest assured Toronto, the weekend is expected to reach 8 C to 11 C. It’s just that is the weekend. Ontario residents will be seeing more of the white stuff until then. Snow is expected for Wednesday and Thursday.


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