Facebook Is Now 200 Million Strong

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Wednesday that Facebook is now up to 200 million active users. Not bad for a social network that was started just five years ago by a young man.

In 2004 Zuckerberg built Facebook hoping to create a faster way for people to share information about what was happening around them. Share they have. Today a common question people ask is “Are you on Facebook?”

Facebook has been used by both U.S. President Barack Obama and French President Nicholas Sarkozy as a means to organize their supporters. Facebook is now often a tool for community and global groups to stay in connect and spread their word.

As Facebook has grown in members the tech team has worked to make the interface fast and easy to navigate.

Facebook is creating a page to celebrate their growth for people to share with others how Facebook has been able to help them give back to their communities.

Facebook also has a gift shop that 16 charitable and advocacy organizations have been able to create products to help with donations. When you buy something at the gift shop the full amount minus 50 credits to cover transactional fees will go to that organization to support its efforts.

There are still many more people and groups in the world whose voices we want to connect with everyone who wants to hear them. So even as we celebrate the 200 millionth person and all of you using Facebook today, we are working to bring the power of sharing to everyone in the world.-Mark Zuckerberg


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