Florida woman thought she was the anti-Christ, murders son

A woman in Florida shot her son and then herself on Sunday at Shoot Straight shooting range in Casselberry. She left behind recorded messages saying that she was the anti-Christ and that she needed to save her son.
Security cameras caught the moment the woman took aim behind her son, Mitchell at point blank range. She then shot herself in the mouth.

Marie Moore, 44, left a suicide message:“I had to send my son to Heaven and myself to Hell.”

Moore died at hospital.

The Sun reports that Moore left a recorded message.

She said: “God’s turned me into the Anti-Christ. I’m a good person, but the Devil and God turned me into the worst person in the world.”

Moore left the recordings for her boyfriend and the authorities.

are saying despite the recordings that they do not have a motive for the murders.

“We have no clue. I don’t even want to begin to speculate,” said Deputy Chief Bill McNeil of the Casselberry Police Department.

The security video clearly shows Moore behind her son as he aims at a target unaware. The next still shows the young man falling to the ground as another patron is alerting others.

The gun used to kill the man was rented at the shooting range.

Charles Moore, father of Mitchell, told the police that in 2002 Marie Moore was in a mental hospital under the Baker Act. In the recordings left for the police by Moore, she referred to that time but stated she was not sick. Two of the notes were signed “Failed Queen.” Late Monday family found three suicide notes and audio tapes. They gave them to the police.

Moore said on one of the tapes that she wanted to ‘save’ her son and do it in a public way so that the world could be saved. “Hopefully when I die, there will 1,000 years of peace.”

She also stated that she could not tell her boyfriend because he would have had her committed to the hospital and would have been unable to ‘save’ Mitch.

Charles Moore said that Moore had a history of mental illness. She had been barred from the same shooting range when she attempted to commit suicide there seven years ago according to Mr. Moore.

That differs from what the manager at Shoot Straight is saying. He said that the Moore’s were not regular clients of the range. All clients fill out a form of questions, including whether they have ever been convicted of a felony or been declared mentally unstable. That information though is not verified though.

Just News

Anderson defended the range’s policies, saying: “If someone acts right, we have to assume they are right.”

Based on the writings and audio recordings that he’s seen in the media, Anderson said, it’s clear that Marie Moore was “bent on doing it.”

“Sometimes, like what happens Sunday, you have no control,” Anderson said. “There’s nothing you can do to prevent it.”

That information is online for $24 though. Ranges are not required to run the background checks on their clients. Mental health histories are not online because of patient privacy laws.

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