The Pod and The Jane In NYC Offers Small Rooms At A Discount

Finding lodging in New York City can cost an arm and a leg for out of town guest. visitors are now getting a break with The Pod where small rooms can be had for $89 or less if you share a bunk room.
The average cost of a hotel room in the heart of New York City is about $300. That price can be a little too much for the pocketbook these days. Enter in The Pod in the center of midtown.

The Pod has the look of other boutique hotels with much steeper costs. It has it’s own cafe, a terrace and a concierge just like the high price inns.

David Bernstein is the managing director of The Pod. The building used to be a single-room occupancy hotel. When the owners came in they decided to leave the room sizes small and create a place for young travelers that was hip and less expensive.

That must have been a good move as their occupancy rates range from 85 to 90 percent.

The tiny rooms have bunk beds, a TV at each bed, an iPod docking station and a light. The bathroom is just down the hall.

NPR reports:

“The room is comfortable,” says Ingrid Roseborough, a Pod guest who was visiting from Iowa. “And like everything so far, I feel like all my needs are taken care of.” Those needs include getting advice on where she can get her eyebrows done: In response to Roseborough’s inquiry, Pod concierge Kara Klueber whips out not one, but three different business cards.

If the $89 is too much for your budget then you could check out The Jane in Greenwich Village. The rooms used to go to sailors for just a quarter a night. Times have changed bringing the price up to $75 a night or for the 60 long term guests a mere $700 a month.

At The Jane there are bellhops, huge keys, flat-screen televisions and iPod docking stations. There is also a backward clock.

NPR reports:

“I call it the hotel at the end of the world,” says Samuel Gaedke, who has lived at The Jane for four years. “If you want to disappear off the face of the Earth for a little while, it is a good place to come to.”

The rooms are the size of a train cabin but it’s not size but price that some are after in the city that doesn’t sleep.

Sean McPherson is one of the owners of The Jane. He calls the rooms micro-chic. The hotel in McPherson’s words harkens back to the 1980’s when New York City was grittier, more exotic and more adventurous. As he says The Pod is “a place for travelers with more dash than cash.”

Long time tenants of the hotel have feared that they will be pushed out but the management insists that they will remain part of the guest list.


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