Opinion: Billy Bob Thornton is a singer gosh darn it

Billy Bob Thornton did not take kindly when he was called an actor during a radio spot to promote his band in Canada Wednesday morning. After statements of his acting career Thornton stonewalled questions from Jian Ghomeshi on his CBC show.
Ghomeshi had the nerve to introduce Thornton as an “Oscar-winning screenwriter-actor-director” instead of just a part of the little known trio the Boxmasters Wednesday morning.

Now maybe not everyone knows who Billy Bob is acting wise. He is an Oscar winner for the Best Adapted Screenplay for the film Sling Blade. Just in the past few years he’s appeared in Armageddon, Pushing Tin, The Alamo, Friday Night Lights, The Astronaut Farmer and Eagle Eye plus a dozen or so films. He directed Sling Blade, Daddy and Them, and All the Pretty Horses. The man is a key player in Hollywood.

Plus he was married to Angelina Jolie for a time. While they were together they carried around vials of each other’s blood around their necks.

Ah, that may give a clue to his behaviour. Billy Bob doesn’t move with the flow like other folks.

Little known singers who want to be known for their zest for musical achievement rather than their mere acting talent tend to get miffed when their thespian skills are brought into the picture.

It’s not like actors can turn into prima donna’s at the drop of a hat, no siree. They are masters of the craft that they are undertaking.

CNN reports:

He “simply elected not to engage with the interviewer because of the direction of the interview from the outset,” Robinson told CNN. Thornton took the reference to his movie career as an insult to his musical endeavor.

Who knows, maybe Billy Bob was just tired. After all the interview with the band took place at 9 a.m. in Toronto’s Studio Q.

With answers ranging from “I don’t know what you’re talking about” to “I don’t know what you mean” it was an interviewer’s nightmare. A star that is to miffed to talk. Midway through the interview Ghomeshi finally got to the heart of the problem. Billy bob was to miffed about the comments of his acting career during the intro to give a rational interview. To this listener it sounded like a child’s temper tantrum.

The looks on fellow band mates, J.D. Andrew, Mike Butler and Brad Davis faces was one of uncomfortable dismay.

Billy Bob ended the segment by walking out without the standard song because he said he didn’t bring his drums with him but not before likening Canadians to “mashed potatoes without gravy.”

Not good Billy bob, do you really want an angry Canadian audience carrying gravy into the arena?

Jian Ghomeshi has been holding down the hosting gig at Q since 2007. The man knows music. Before Q he was involved with he National Playlist, Sounds Like Canada, 50 Tracks, Zed, The End, and The Hour. He is also a musician in his own right the the band Moxy Früvous. He’s been on stage with Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Elvis Costello.

Yeah, I would say he is qualified to interview someone the likes of Billy bob Thornton.

He’s interviewed scores of Canadian and international stars on Q.

As for Billy Bob, he didn’t stop there though Wednesday night during the band’s performance at Massey Hall in Toronto he had finally had a few words ready to fire off about his interview earlier in the day.

The Toronto Star reports:

“Boo all you want, but I want to say something…. We’re really happy to be here, but I need to say something. I talked to this a–hole yesterday.

“I sat down and talked with this guy. He and his producers say, `We promise you we won’t say that’ (meaning references to Thornton’s acting career). The very first thing they said was that.

“I don’t really like sensationalism,” he added. “If you look someone in the eyes and promise them something, and you don’t do it, you don’t get the interview. That’s the way it goes.”

The explanation was met by further boos and catcalls of, “Here comes the gravy,” a reference to Thornton’s description of Canadian audiences as “mashed potatoes with no gravy” during his interview with Ghomeshi.


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