Malia and Sasha Can Hang Out With First Dog On Tuesday

On Tuesday the First Dog will take his first steps into the White House and on the White House lawn. The Kennedy family will be presenting the doggy to the Obama family. Total photo op moments will ensue.
The Portuguese Water Dog is coming from his breeder after the first owners gave him back. For political purposes though Senator Ted Kennedy’s family will be handing over the-6 month-old pup formerly known as Charlie.

Believe it or not there is a ton of red tape over this little pup. The kennel is ‘re-homing’ the puppy to the Obama’s. But, and this is a huge but that’s just not kosher with the rules and regulations so the Kennedy’s will be giving the pup over. The pup is actually in the same linage as three of the Kennedy family pets.

The Obama’s had said they wanted to rescue a dog from a shelter not a kennel.


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