Providence Woman Accused Of Cyber-Stalking

A Providence, Rhode Island business owner has been accused of cyber-stalking a business competitor. The woman has allegedly been calling the other business woman places to have place call it day and night.
Owner of Bruna Puppets and Costumes, Bruno filled out applications in Tracy Sisson’s name which resulted in the woman having harassing phone calls. Sisson owns Absolute Fun Party Rentals in Cranston.

The pair have been feuding since 2001 when Sisson was not satisfied with a costume that Bruno had made for her business.

The phone calls after Sisson had arranged her mortgage through Able Financial Services. When Bruno was hired Sissons told her boss that she was uncomfortable working with Bruno and planned to leave. Bruno was laid off.

Ann Bruno, 59, is said to have used a computer at the local library several times a week to sign the other woman up for debt relief programs and the like. The misdemeanor charge was issued after she was caught in the act at the public library. Her court case is set for April 14.

When reporters asked the woman about the charges she donned a bunny head to do the interview.


One response to “Providence Woman Accused Of Cyber-Stalking

  • uscoastguard45

    I grew up in Cranston and know Roland Moretti, the owner of absolute fun center and was arrested on bookmaking and drug charges. So why is the Cranston cop defending a known felon while going out of his way to accuse Bruno, who does not have a record.
    Cranston is still corrupt

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