Massive Fire Destroys Homes at Alton Bay Christian Center

Easter will be known as the day that 40 New Hampshire summer homes burnt to the ground. The homes were part of a 146-year-old Christian center. The center was founded along New Hampshire’s biggest lake in 1863.
The fire started at 4:30 pm Sunday when families were celebrating at their homes away from the summer home area. The homes were all cottage seasonal homes that go unoccupied during much of the year.
Services had not yet started at the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Witnesses watched from across the lake as the houses burnt to the ground in just minutes.

AP reports:

“As I was looking across the bay, I could see 600 feet of flame lengthwise,” John Lobdell told the News 9 television station in Manchester. “The whole entire camp ground looked like it was up in flames.”

There were no injuries to civilians according to state Fire Marshal William Degnan. One firefighter was hurt when a propane heater exploded. Others have been treated gor smoke inhalation and exhaustion. The fire was reported to be under control by 8:30 pm.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.


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