CBC Starting New Age of 24-Hour News Coverage

CBC News announced Thursday that it reorganizing its way of news gathering with an emphasis on 24-hour-a-day coverage. The news department is forging ahead despite dwindling funding and a smaller staff.
This comes at a time when the department has to deal with a cut of $7 million and losses of more than 70 jobs.

Just weeks ago, on March 25 the CBC announced it had to cut $171 million from operating costs for 2009-2010 because of shortfalls from advertising revenue.

The new direction has been in the works for the past two years. Because of the reorganization of the department, the restructuring is much more urgent.

CBC reports:

“We’ve been investing across all platforms and trying to better serve Canadians in the way they live,” she said in an interview. “At the same time, we’re dealing with incredible [financial] pressure. What we’ve been trying to do is look at how we work and what we do and do it more efficiently,” said Jennifer McGuire, interim head of news.

According to McGuire, local news service will be improved. Regional service will be worked out over the next two months. She pointed out that the CBC has been too slow on news coverage because no one has been monitoring early morning news.

While CBC plans to focus on 24-hour-a-day coverage, there are fewer people to handle the workload.


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