Boy Dies After Attempting Stunt From TV Show Roadies

Chandan Singh never missed an episode of the show Roadies. On Saturday night the nine-year-old died trying to do a stunt on the show.
The young boy accidentally hung himself after watching the Saturday night episode of Roadies. In the show two female contestants were made to stand on a wooden stool with their hands tied. A rope was placed around their necks as another contestant had three minutes to save them.

NDTV News reports:

“He watched the episode on the third floor of our house along with his friends and tried to imitate the stunt after his friends left. After hearing a loud noise, I rushed to the room and found Chandan hanging from the ceiling fan,” his uncle Bhagat Singh told media persons.

Inspector Jaganath Saroj of Vikas Nagar police station said: “According to his uncle, Bhagat Singh, with whom he used to live in the Vikas Nagar locality, Chandan never missed any episode of the show.”

The boy was pronounced dead at hospital.

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