Canadians watched 3.1 billion videos online in February

One of the leaders in measuring the digital world, comScore released their findings on the Canadian online video market based on findings from February 2009 comScore Video Metrix data.
In February, 21 million Canadians viewed more than 3.1 billion videos online. The average Canadian spent 10 hours in front of their monitors watching videos during that month. This figure is up 53 per cent over last year.

“Canada’s high broadband penetration and tech savvy Internet users make it an optimal environment for online video to flourish,” said Bryan Segal, vice president of sales, comScore Canada. “The combined forces of reach, high engagement and ‘sight, sound and motion’ make online video a particularly attractive brand-building vehicle for online advertisers.”

Google Sites ranks first place for Canadian online video consumption with 1,625,244 hits. Other sites fell far below the hit volume of Google.

In order, the top ten video sites that Canadians tuned into are:

Google Sites-1,625,244
Microsoft Sites-55,645
Yahoo! Sites- 45,697 36,828
CTVglobemedia- 25,200 20,930 19,470
Viacom Digital- 18,190
Turner Network- 12,368
Fox Interactive Media- 11,694

With 21 million Canadian viewers watching an average of 147 videos during the month of February, it’s clear marketers need to understand their viewing habits.

In a telephone interview with Mr. Segal I asked why Google Sites had so many more hits. The answer was YouTube.

YouTube is the biggest reason for the Google hits. Canadians have highest usage of YouTube, more so than any other of the 35 countries that we monitor.”

The average time on each video was 4.1 minutes which is also up from last year’s 3.3 minute average.

Nearly 88 percent of the Canadian population watched videos online. Canada has the highest penetration of the five countries that are currently being reported by comScore Video Metrix (France 82 percent, Germany 82 percent, U.K. 81 percent, U.S. 76 percent).

It seems that Canadians not only watch more videos but are at their computers for longer stretches of time. In February on average the Canadian video viewer consumed 605 minutes compared to the U.K. viewer at 540, the German viewer at 466 minutes, French viewers at 390 minutes and the average United States viewer’s 312 minutes.

For the website clients this information is vital. Knowing that their sites are getting heavy media viewer traffic is important not only for the front end of the business but the back end as well. As Segal told me:

“This knowledge not only increases the information for advertising but also in terms of what back end tools are needed to keep up with the traffic. The more views a site is getting the better the tools have to be. For instance the higher volume traffic sites have to have a prime media player that can handle the amount of traffic. It helps keep the clients and consumers happy with their viewing time.”

comScore, Inc. is one of the highest ranking sources of digital marketing intelligence with more than 1,100 clients including AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!, BBC, Carat, Cyworld, Deutsche Bank, France Telecom, Best Buy, The Newspaper Association of America, Financial Times, ESPN, Fox Sports, Nestle, Starcom, Universal McCann, the United States Postal Service, the University of Chicago, Verizon Services Group and ViaMichelin. There has been a Canadian presence in Toronto for the past 10 years.

“You see, there are two major services that evaluate the size of a Web site’s audience, comScore Media Metrix and Nielsen Netratings … Only comScore, however, offers reporters access to an apples-to-apples comparison that measures the entire network of sites owned by each major player,” saidTed Leonsis, Vice Chairman of AOL

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