Murder Ends The Game

One young woman is dead, one young woman sits in jail, another sits at home with the baby she had as a teenager. There is one man that connects the dots. The unemployed young man is said to be a player. He indeed played with the hearts of the three women.
Early Wednesday morning Sarah Rose Ludemann, 18, was stabbed in the heart. She died in a pool of blood on a Pinellas Park, Florida street less than a half-mile from her mother and home. Two services will be held Saturday, from noon until 3 p.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m. The funeral home is at 5750 49th Street N.

Saturday morning Rachel Marie Wade, 19, sits in county jail under a $500,000 bond. She faces charges of second-degree murder in the death of Sarah Rose Ludemann. Rachel has a criminal past. She was arrested in 2005 for battery as a juvenile and arrested for shoplifting in 2006 and 2007. It is possible that the charge against her will be upgraded to first-degree murder.

Another woman in this story goes without a name. She dated Joshua Camacho, 19 first. She had his baby.

Joshua Camacho is the connecting dot in this story. He dated three women. Two timed at least two of them.

Rachel started texting Sarah all day. The two were rivals for the affections of Joshua. They had been fighting over the young man for over a year along with the mother of his baby.

The feud started in the parking lot of a Taco Bell where one of the girls worked. Silly String was sprayed, punches thrown, car mirrors broken. It followed to cyberspace. Threats issues. Promises made.

On Tuesday night the feud ended. Sarah heard that Rachel was hanging out with friends near by. She drove her green minivan to confront the woman with two others. Rachel is said to have been allegedly waiting for her with a kitchen knife.

The knife was plunged into Sarah’s chest.

Tampa reports:

“She was out with friends. Coming home. I was waiting up for her, just after midnight, when the phone rang,” Gay Ludemann said Friday. Ludemann was so close to the crime scene, she got there while paramedics were trying to save her daughter.

“She never got to hear me say, ‘I love you, Sarah,’ ” Ludemann said, sniffling. “I kept saying it, but she never heard.”

The time line of this story played out on MySpace and with police reports starting February 21, 2008.

Police Report (2/21/08)
Eight month pregnant Erin waited for Sarah and Joshua outside movie theater. He yelled at Erin. Erin pushed Joshua.

MySpace-Rachel (6/17/08)
When we first met I was madly in love and it lasted for years but since then things have changed. … You called me names, you slept around. … I deserve so much better!

Police Report (7/2/08)

Sarah drives Erin to confront Joshua abut sleeping with the two girls at the same time. Erin’s infant is in the backseat. Joshua punches Sarah in the face.

Police Report (7/31/08)

Rachel reports that Sarah and friends are following her. Reports that Sarah shot Silly String at her car.

Sarah says Rachel’s friend bumped her car so they chased them.

Police Report (8/31/08)

Sarah says that Rachel called her 20 times in a two hour period harrassing her about dating Joshua.

Rachel says that Sarah sent her threatening e-mails.

Joshua admits dating both girls at the same time.

MySpace-Rachel (9/12/08)

I’m an independent chick! Yeah, I got a man. But I’m not one of those spoiled little girls who … expects the world from her man! … So yall hoes can just stop hatin …

Then silence until earlier this past week.

Rachel’s last MySpace login: 4/13/09

Mood:Loving my boo 🙂

Sarah’s last MySpace login: 4/14/09

Mood: iloveyoubaby

Police Report (4/15/09)

Homicide. Suspect in fatal stabbing arrested.

There is no more fighting. Death ends the game.

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