Park found muffins sicken four puppies in Southern Ontario

Four puppies in the Durham Region have gotten sick when they ate muffins laced with marijuana. The muffins had been hidden by a teen boy in a nearby park.
The teen is said to have hosted several house parties while his parents were on holiday during Spring Break.

The teen took the muffins to the Poplar Park after cleaning up from the last party as so his parents would not discover them.

Several dogs sniffed out the pot-laced goodies and woofed them down on March 23. They became ill after indulging on the treats. All of the dogs recovered.

The police at first feared that the stash had been laced with an antifreeze-like substance.

There are no charges pending. The teen showed remorse and is willing to personally apologize to the pet owners.

CBC reports:

“Investigators do not believe there was any criminal intent and the teenager did not think about the consequences of his actions,” the release said.


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