Shopaholics Can Rejoice, The Recession Is A Shopping Dream

The recession may be making life more difficult but for shopaholics this is a dream come true. So get out your visa and come along for some of the best buys this year.
Time reports that the picking is ripe for shoppers to pick up pricey items at bargain basement prices.

Do you love cashmere? This is the season to buy those sweaters that are a luxury item. At Target you can grab a Cashmere Capelet for a mere $37.49 that was going for $149.99.

Dressy clothes are also on the chopping block. If you want the ultimate bridal gown it might not cost you the price of a car if you hurry.

Maybe clothes aren’t your thing. Are you a tech lover? Now is the time to upgrade your computers. Two years ago it cost $200 to upgrade to 4 gigabytes, now you can do so for under $50.

Are you a shutterbug? Cameras cost a ton, or they used to. It’s now possible to get a 10-megapixel digital camera for $185.55 at the Shopping Channel.

The economy is down and going out is not in a lot of budgets. Staying home shouldn’t be a problem though if you grab a new flat-screen television for under $500 at Target.

Grab your wallet and hit the stores, the recession was made for those with shopper syndrome. And when you come home with all those bargains you can honestly smile while telling your partner that you saved them a bundle.


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