Opinion: It’s Scary When Mike Tyson Makes Sense

Hold onto your hats, Mike Tyson’s girlfriend wants him to perform on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ You read that right, she wants the man who bit off a guy’s ear to get down and dirty on the dance floor. Pardon me as I faint.
Okay, world there has to be a limit to what is on the reality television screen.

Never mind as I remind myself that we watched Paris Hilton look for a BFF not only in the US but in England too. (Yes, I have watched the show. It’s great mindless guilty pleasure when you’re sick in bed.)

Will we as a public watch anything as long as someone famous is on the stage? Do we really want to know who is the next American Scream Queen or that a model can have mega brains?

Right now the world is loving Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent but is that a reason to watch all the talent shows in the land? Oh wait a second, sorry Adam Lambert I wasn’t dissing your show.

But come on do we really need to know how many women Gene Simmons has bedded, the adventures of Spencer and Heidi, if Bruce Jenner’s step kids are just brats or if Tommy Lee can study?

There’s so many more to choose from. Reality television is all that seems to be on some days. You can watch an intervention, swapping wives and nannies that save the day.

Do we really need more reality in our lives? Don’t we have enough in the process of just living?

What is the scariest thing to deal with is that Mike Tyson made a comment that actually made sense as VH1 reports:

“This stuff can pollute your mind,” he said. “I don’t care what level of intellect you have. This stuff can rot in your mind.”

And he told MTV that he often asks his girlfriend, “You allow these people to invade your mind? You don’t know these people! How do you hate this person? You don’t know this person!”

You know it’s bad if even Tyson is questioning it.

I will now swear off reality TV. Well maybe in a month or two. I have to watch Adam be crowned the next American Idol after all!


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