Shark left on newspaper office doorstep

Why was a live shark left outside an office in Canberra? That’s a question the police would like to have answered as they investigate the Port Jackson shark left in front of a newspaper office.
The shark was still alive when the police got to the scene Thursday. The juvenile Port Jackson shark was about 2 feet long. Once the authorities poured some water on it the animal kicked around for a bit.

Reuters reports:

“I walked over to McDonalds and borrowed a bucket off them and filled it up with water, and we picked the shark up and put it inside it and then drove it down to the breakwater and released it back into the water,” he said.

Perhaps one of the journalists in the office had upset a source? The police are clueless as to the animal’s arrival at The Standard’s door.

Chief of staff Glen Bernoth is equally confused as to why the shark was there. He learned of the surprise guest in a middle-of-the-night call from a friend who had heard about it on his police scanner.

Strait Times reports:

‘Naturally, I assumed it was like some sort of prank or something, but I’d been asleep for a couple hours,’ Mr Bernoth said with a laugh on Thursday.

The shark has been taken back to the water and freed. Kindhearted police had used a borrowed bucket from the McDonald’s next door to put the animal in for it’s ride home to the sea.

ABC reports:

“If we can locate the person that’s dumped it, then they’ll be charged with cruelty to animals,” he said.

Constable Dwyer says he is at a loss as to why the shark was left at the town’s newspaper.

“They had no ideas of any person that wished them any harm or wished to send them any type of message, so we’re a little dumbfounded at this stage,” he said.


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