Canada Working With Mexico About Swine Flu Around The Clock

Canadian researchers have been working around the clock since Wednesday night dealing with the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak. After SARS Canada is well prepared for a pandemic.
The alert about the possibility of a Swine Flu outbreak did not start in Mexico but in Canada according to one report. When a patient who had recently returned from Mexico was diagnosed with the illness that Canadian health officials believed was Swine Flu they alerted Mexican authorities.

That report may be a bit faulty. At this time according to Dr. Kamran M. Khan with St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto there are no confirmed swine flu patients in Canada.

That is not to say there are no patients being tested for the illness.

In Canada resources have been mobilized and are at the ready and working non-stop to combat what could become a pandemic.

The National Microbiology lab, located on Arlington Street in downtown Winnipeg has been a key component in rapidly getting test results out for health officials.

The Swine Flu virus that experts are working with is like none other before. It is an animal to human strain that is not working in the usual manner. Had the test samples not matched genetically at the Winnipeg lab the concern would not be as high as it is. They did match however and that means that the strain in Mexico is the same strain that was found in the United States.

In Mexico City all public events have been canceled to help contain the outbreak. This virus is a mix of human, pig and bird strains that has epidemiologists around the world deeply concerned.

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