Healthy Body Image Badge Coming Soon For The Girl Guides

The Girl Guides of Canada have come out with a new badge to promote a healthy body image. Girls from five to seventeen can earn the Love Yourself Challenge badge that promotes healthy eating, a positive body image and self-esteem.
The new badge is purple is green with three female stick figures of differently shaped girls and will be launched on May 11.

The challenge program was helped by the National Eating Disorder Information Centre. The Center approached the Girl Guides about the idea last year.

There are different activities depending on the age of the girl earning the badge.

In recent years the Girl Guides have been working on updating their image.

CBC reports:

“Guiding has an old-fashioned stigma to it. It’s been around for 100 years and our membership has dropped,” Rebecca Tye, girl program coordinator for the group, said Tuesday.

“We don’t usually deal with something so progressive … but we know it’s important to our 80,000 members,” she added.

The Guides started in 1909 when Lord Baden-Powell at the Crystal Palace in London, Great Britain organized a Scouting rally for boys. To his surprise a number of girls showed up. Baden-Powell impressed by the girls asked his sister Agnes to create a program just for them.

By 1910 the program had come to Canada with the first unit in St. Catherines, Ontario. In just two years there were units in each province.

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