Lam Luong Sentenced to Death For Murder of Four Children

Lam Luong, who in January 2008 threw his four children off the Daupin Island Bridge, was sentenced to death in an Alabama courtroom Thursday.

Judge Charles Graddick sentenced Luong to death on Thursday after the jury recommended the death penalty in March. Luong was found guilty for the murders of Ryan Phan, 3; Hannah Luong, 2; Lindsey Luong, 1; and Danny Luong, 4 months when he threw them into the coastal waters of Alabama from the Daupin Island Bridge.

The average time between sentencing and execution in Alabama is 15 years. During that time Judge Graddick has ordered that Luong be shown photographs of the four children every day on death row.

Luong was also ordered to pay $50 million in restitution. That’s a debt that will not be paid because Luong could not afford legal council. The judge put the fee in the mix to ensure that if the man sells the rights to his story for a book or movie deal he will not profit from it.


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