Man arrested after posting Craigslist ad requesting sex, murder

An ad on the popular website Craigslist, under the “casual encounters’ section, lead to the arrest of a man in Seattle who showed up at a motel ready for a little sex and murder.
The man posted that he wanted to have sex with a woman and then kill her. He finished his ad with “Serious iquiries (sic) only please.”

Thankfully the police were waiting for him instead of an intended murder victim. It appears the guy was serious because he showed up at the motel with a length of chain and a knife to live out his fantasy.

The man and what he believed was a woman exchanged a series of emails to come to a price for his desires. That price tag was $2,000.

The police were notified about the ad by a Craigslist employee email on April 22. Over the next several days an undercover detective communicated with the man several times via email.

While the suspect had been looking for a consensual arrangement, the police turned the tables on him asking if he would be willing to murder someone for a fee.

The set-up in place the detective gave the man a location to meet at a local motel. As the suspect knocked on the motel room door he was arrested.

TheBoston Herald reports a phone interview with a woman who was at the suspect’s home:

“He didn’t do anything,” said the woman who asked not to be named. “If he was doing anything, he was trying to figure out a way to get money. He had no intent to go through with it. She said she read some of the e-mails between police and her boyfriend and she said the police “definitely entrapped him.” She said the issue of payment was brought up by officers, not by her boyfriend. They offered him money and we’re broke, living at our grandmother’s house,” she said. “He actually has a lot, lot, lot of mental issues that need to be dealt with,” she said. ” … But he’s not really the person they’re making him out to be. He’s a good person, an amazing father and I love him and support him.”

The suspect has been convicted in the past for indecent exposure. The hearing on that case was scheduled for Thursday.

He’s being held in the King County Jail.


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