‘There Is No Bed Available’- Sad Reality For Sick Out of Ontario

You’ve prepared for your vacation out of the country with travel insurance, medical insurance and a passport handy. Then the worse case scenario happens, you become ill and want to get home. If you’re from Ontario you may find there’s no bed available.
Just yesterday that case was illustrated when Victoria George-Pazzano’s family was told that there was no bed in all of Southern Ontario for her after she became critically ill following an asthma attack in Mexico. She has since been flown back to the province and her family is with her at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

She is not alone. Each year Ontarians that get ill out of the country face not being able to have a bed. One politician that is working on this issue is Frank Klees, MPP for Newmarket-Aurora. Klees is now running for Premier with the Progressive Conservative party. One of his biggest platforms is health care issues for those living in Ontario.

In an interview with Digital Journal Wednesday morning Klees expressed his concern not only in the George-Pazzano case but all of the other cases that he has seen that the same action took place. He has been involved with Victoria’s plight but is not taking credit for helping her return home, although he could take partial credit. His voice in Parliament does speak louder than just the common man when getting the powers that be to listen.

“The case reveals the real tragedy. The family did all the right things, they got insurance for example. Then when tragedy hit they were told there were no beds available. This is a problem of communication between the government and the management of the hospitals and the Ministry of Health. It shows that the Ministry of Health does not know what is really going on in the system.”

Klees wants to bridge the huge gaps that are going on between the Health Ministry and the realities of health care in the province. He also wants those in Ontario to be aware that this issue could face them if they get sick outside of the country and want to be repatriated into a Ontario hospital.

“It’s a great concern that no one can assume that they can return home to Ontario if they get sick out of the country.”

That’s not how it looks on paper but it’s the sad truth for some of those who have had to hear the words ‘there’s no beds available.’


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