Victoria George-Pazzano Dies At 29

Victoria George-Pazzano, 29, died at Peterborough Regional Health Centre’s Intensive Care Unit around 9:45 p.m. last night. The Toronto woman’s return home was delayed after an asthma attack in Mexico.
The family knew that Victoria was unlikely to survive her illness but wanted her to be at home. The market researcher was in Cancun last week with her husband and son when she had a severe asthma attack.

Although the family had travel insurance provided by RBC and an air ambulance willing to bring the woman home they had a difficult time finding an ICU bed in Ontario.

The Toronto Star quoted husband Dylan Pazzano yesterday outside of Peterborough Regional Health Centre:

“I’m going to lose my wife. The people behind me are all going to lose somebody so special. But we finally achieved what we wanted, to get her back home.”

Mr. Pazzano spoke highly on the medical staff in Cancun who tended to his wife.

Government leaders Frank Klaas and Jack Layton both worked Monday to get the young woman home.

Inside Toronto quotes Jack Layton:

They had to go through hoops,” he said of the family in an interview Tuesday afternoon. “People shouldn’t have to have questions asked on the floor of the House of Commons to get their loved one home safely.”

Victoria’s husband Dylan Pazanno, her mother, Pauline George, and sisters were at the hospital with her when she passed away.


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