Drug Charges Dropped For Singer Steven Page

Former Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page’s drug charges have been dismissed. The news was a welcome relief for the Canadian artist. Last year Page, Christine Benedicto and Stephanie Ford were charged with drug possession in New York.
The police had allegedly found cocaine in a Fayetteville, New York apartment that the the two women lived at.

The judge residing over the case made some provisions in order for the charges to be dropped, the trio could not be arrested again, received therapy, and passed drug screening in the ensuing six months.

Page met all of the conditions laid out according to Mark Mahoney, Page’s Buffalo-based lawyer. The women’s charges have also been dropped.

CBC quotes Page:

“The respect and responsibility I have earned over the course of my life and my career thus far are important to me and I am moving forward from this with gratitude and with hope,” Page said in October.

“I also apologize to all of those I have hurt or embarrassed during this episode.”

Page’s records have been sealed and any fingerprints or photos taken during the case have since been destroyed.

Page has since left the Barenaked Ladies and set out on a solo career says 680 News.

“I will miss being a Barenaked Lady like crazy, but there are other lots of other things I’m really looking forward to,” he said. “No one’s going anywhere. I’m going to continue to make music and those guys are going to continue to make music as well. I think it will be good for everybody.”


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