American Idol David Cook’s Brother Loses Battle With Brain Cancer

American Idol season seven winner David Cook’s brother Adam passed away after a long battle with brain cancer on Sunday morning in Terre Haute, Indiana.
David Cook was in Washington D.C. at the 12th annual Race For Hope when his brother died at a hospice in Terre Haute. His family had told the singer that it was important to honor the commitment for the charity. David Cook’s team raided more than $97,000 for the charity in today’s walk.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

“Like everybody here, I’m affected by this disease. I actually lost my brother yesterday to a brain tumor,” Cook said, as you can hear members of the crowd gasping. “I couldn’t imagine… I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else right now.” David was serving as grand marshal of the event and ran the 3.1 miles in 28 minutes. “I lost one today,” Cook added. “But I’ve gained 9,000 and I will be here every year that they will have me.”

Adam, 36, had been battling cancer for 11 years.

Radar Online reports:

“Adam passed away peacefully. He was surrounded by his family, including his wife Kendra, his children, his father and his step-mom, among others.”

“The family thought that Adam would go much sooner than this, actually,” said the Cook family friend.

“That’s why David left his tour a few weeks back so that he could be with Adam. They said their goodbyes then.”

During last season’s American Idol the residents of Terre Haute raised $45,000 so that Adam who watch his brother perform on stage in Hollywood.


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